There are a number of strategic partners involved in the implementation of Switch Africa Green Project. SWITCH Africa Green is developed and funded by the European Commission and implemented by UNEP. Project partners include UN agencies, notably UNDP and UNOPS, the African Union Commission, the African Roundtable on SCP (ARSCP) and the African Development Bank (AfDB). Work with these partners will build on their prior cooperation in particular on poverty and environment, SCP, green economy and green growth. The main governmental partners will be the relevant ministries (Environment, Industry and Economy and Finance) as well as National Environmental Protection/Management Agencies/Authorities.

The project will also directly engage the private sector, and particularly intermediary business organisations and micro and small and medium sized enterprises (M&SMEs), both through policy dialogue and national level projects in the six pilot countries.

SWITCH-Africa Green is implemented by UNEP with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of the Project partners.